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We offer a wide selection of customised lending products, secured against a variety of assets. Lending facilities allow you to increase your liquidity and be ready to take immediate advantage of opportunities whenever they arise.

Lending can be a powerful tool for creating liquidity and providing diversification in your investment. Whether the goal is short-term liquidity or an enhanced return on an investment idea, borrowing against liquid collateral can help you achieve your objectives. Lending facilities can also allow you to move quickly in the equity markets without having to liquidate existing assets in order to do so.

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Standard Lending

Standard lending facilities are secured against assets under management held with us. They can be used to facilitate diversification in investment portfolios, to leverage your existing strategy and for personal liquidity needs. The lending can be arranged either onshore or via our offshore booking centres. Whether the goal is short-term liquidity or an enhanced return on an investment strategy, borrowing against liquid collateral can help achieve your objectives.

Structured Lending

In addition to our standard lending capabilities, we are also able to offer structured loans secured against a variety of other assets. Such assets can include residential and commercial property (both in the UK and overseas), concentrated equity holdings, third-party hedge fund portfolios, offshore bonds, private aircraft and art. All these types of loans are tailormade to meet your specific needs.

Investments are subject to investment risk, including market fluctuations, regulatory change, counterparty risk, possible delays in repayment and loss of income and principal invested.  The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you might not get back the amount originally invested at any point in time.  If the value of any investments held as collateral for a loan reduce in value, you may be asked to provide additional assets as collateral or to reduce the amount of the loan. If you are unable to provide additional collateral when requested or to repay the loan at the end of the term, some or all of the assets held as collateral may be sold to reduce or repay the loan.

For details of interest rates paid on uninvested cash balances in investment accounts click here

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