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Professional Advisors

We believe we offer professional advisors a level of engagement, expertise and active partnership that only firms with a truly global footprint can deliver.

The needs of those individuals and their families and charities and trusts with assets in multiple locations and with correspondingly complex portfolios, tax issues and currency exposure can be met only by professional advisors with access to private wealth managers that maintain a truly global capacity and perspective. Financial strength and strong corporate governance are prerequisites in the wake of the recent global turbulence and it is also plain that the fundamental need for the widest possible range of sophisticated but transparent and unconstrained solutions has never been greater.

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Investment Management

Finding time to manage your client’s investments effectively in today’s fast-moving markets can be difficult. Perhaps more than ever before, if your clients are to make the right investment decisions it is imperative to have a well-founded process that embraces well communicated innovation and expertise.

Our investment teams are responsible for formulating and implementing a specific strategy for each client. They appreciate that any financial strategy requires flexibility. Understanding a client’s desire for returns, safety and liquidity is important at this decisive stage of the investment process. Every client has certain goals in mind when he or she invests, and the investment strategy must always be tailored to meet those unique objectives.

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We offer a wide selection of customised lending products, which may be secured against your clients asset portfolios. Lending facilities allow your clients to increase liquidity, and be ready to take immediate advantage of opportunities whenever they arise. Credit can be a powerful tool for creating liquidity and providing diversification in investment portfolios. Whether the goal is short term liquidity or an enhanced return on an investment idea, borrowing against liquid collateral can help your clients achieve their objectives. Lending facilities can also allow clients to move quickly in the equity markets, without having to liquidate existing assets in order to do so.

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Specialist Services

Our specialist services are designed to meet a number of financial situations, which may involve business assets, personal assets, or both. All our specialist services are characterized by discretion, professionalism, attention to detail and a high level of expertise in a specific area.
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Investments are subject to investment risk, including market fluctuations, regulatory change, counterparty risk, possible delays in repayment and loss of income and principal invested.  The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you might not get back the amount originally invested at any point in time.  If the value of any investments held as collateral for a loan reduce in value, you may be asked to provide additional assets as collateral or to reduce the amount of the loan. If you are unable to provide additional collateral when requested or to repay the loan at the end of the term, some or all of the assets held as collateral may be sold to reduce or repay the loan.

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