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Austrian private bank – global presence

Independent activities within a financially strong group

Currently, Deutsche Bank AG, Vienna Branch, provides both global expertise and local presence to domestic and foreign clients at our private wealth management locations in Vienna and Salzburg. Subsequent to the acquisition of Sal. Oppenheim by Deutsche Bank AG, both institutions decided to merge their Private Wealth Management units in Austria under the joint umbrella firm of Deutsche Bank Österreich AG.

To this effect, the corporate name was changed from Bank Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. (Austria) AG to Deutsche Bank Österreich AG. As a second step, Private Wealth Management of Deutsche Bank AG, Vienna Branch, will be incorporated into the newly established firm of Deutsche Bank Österreich AG.

Till then, two separate Private Wealth Management units will be operating alongside in Austria: Private Wealth Management of Deutsche Bank AG Vienna Branch and Deutsche Bank Österreich AG

Deutsche Bank Österreich AG, which will in future be home to all Private Wealth Management activities in Austria, operates as a full-service bank safeguarding Austrian banking secrecy. It combines the integrity and strength of first-rate independent services provided by a private bank with the competence, security and stability of a global financial group. It offers a range of services anchored in the successful tradition of a private bank catering to demanding customers and, at the same time, it opens up global perspectives on modern asset management.

This makes Deutsche Bank Österreich AG one of the leading international institutions for private wealth management in Austria and the adjoining CEE countries Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

Opening up global strength - enhancing local strengths

  • Preserving and enhancing strengths: Progress also means preserving what is tried and tested. With their local know-how, our specialist advisers guarantee customised advice offered with tact and sensitivity and with a maximum of confidentiality.
  • Customer focus: Every asset has its characteristic and unmistakable character, and from it specific needs arise. Integrity, individuality, flexibility, independence and respect underpin efficacious financial solutions for every stage of life.
  • Holistic approach: We offer our clients a platform for banking operations, asset investment and wealth management in accordance with the ‘best advice’ principle, with quality solutions provided in-house or by selected third party specialists.
  • Utilising the group’s resources: Our clients enjoy access to the global resources and the investment know-how of the entire Deutsche Bank group. Proximity to the investment bank offers innovative possibilities of investment so far reserved for institutional investors only.
  • Stability – Financial Standing – Security: Also in financially / economically difficult times, Deutsche Bank has proved itself to be a strong and trustworthy partner.

The right strategy for your assets: “open architecture“ - “best advice“

Wealth and asset management issues have always been a matter of trust. Your commitment has enabled you to attain your wealth, and your plans and aspirations for yourself and for your family rest on it. The way you structure and enhance your capital in order to achieve those goals is one of the most personal issues. For that reason, you require a private wealth adviser you can trust unreservedly.Our services always aim at a long-term partnership leading to deeper mutual understanding, which, not infrequently, continues over generations. As a client of Deutsche Bank Österreich AG, the unique scope of global investment solutions provided by Deutsche Bank as well as top-rate third party specialists is at your disposal. But we will not only support you in the choice of investment – our strategic advisory team will help you to conceive and structure your investments in a manner that allows you to fully utilise their yield potential.

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Last Update: 13.5.2016
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