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Real Estate

Real estate investments seek to offer attractive risk-adjusted returns, potentially low correlations with other traditional asset classes and a hedge against inflationary moves. Real estate offers exposure to physical properties and assets; as a result, real estate investments are closely linked with particular geographies and are often less liquid and transparent than many other investment vehicles.

The Wealth Management Global Real Estate team builds on the expertise of a pool of industry specialists (real estate fund managers, portfolio managers, transaction specialists, research, valuation and platform managers) and an open architecture approach to offer clients a wide range of sought-after real estate products. Our aim is to provide a strategic approach to indirect real estate investing through a selection of funds that provide different risk / return profiles. This matrix of real estate investment funds includes both public and private opportunities, and is underpinned by methodical research and a strategy based on real estate supply and demand fundamentals as they affect different parts of the world.

Private real estate investments are typically made through special vehicles for Deutsche Bank private clients. These vehicles allow clients to invest alongside institutions, gaining access to a sector that might be unavailable to them or difficult to access as a result of subscription minimums or regulatory constraints.

The services described are provided by Deutsche Bank AG or by its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in accordance with appropriate local legislation and regulation. Certain products and services may not be available in all locations or to all Deutsche Bank Wealth Management clients.
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