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Private Equity

Private equity investments allow investors to participate in the growth of privately-held businesses, with the aim of achieving higher returns over the long term than those averaged by public equity markets.

Investors can gain exposure to private equity through direct investment in privately-held companies or through specialist private equity funds. Private equity investors typically sacrifice the immediate liquidity of public equities for the possibility of higher returns over longer time horizons.

Private equity covers a variety of investment opportunities, divided into the following broad categories:

  • Venture Capital Equity – for the creation or expansion of smaller companies, often in the technology, biotechnology or other growth market sectors.
  • Leveraged Buyout Equity – providing capital for the acquisition of larger, more mature companies with established, predictable cash flows. Leveraged buyouts generally imply a change of corporate ownership.
  • Special situations – providing equity for companies that may be experiencing operational or financial difficulties.

At Deutsche Bank Wealth Management we aim to provide direct access to the world’s leading private equity fund managers, through funds which are often closed to other new or non-institutional investors. Our exclusive global private equity investment program allows clients to build a customized, diversified private equity portfolio.

The services described are provided by Deutsche Bank AG or by its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in accordance with appropriate local legislation and regulation. Certain products and services may not be available in all locations or to all Deutsche Bank Wealth Management clients.
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