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Investment Process

Our investment process is rigorous, repeatable and transparent. It begins with informed opinion, reflects innovative thinking, and ends with consistent implementation.

  • Our investment process originates with the Global Investment Committee (GIC). The GIC is comprised of chief investment officers and strategists from each region, as well as global asset class experts. Input from members of this diverse committee forms the basis of the Wealth Management House View and the global asset return expectations. Another of the GIC’s key mandates is to identify new investment themes and emerging trends that can benefit private investors.

  • The Regional Investment Committee (RIC) brings a more local perspective to the global asset allocation output generated by the GIC. The quantitative and qualitative work done by the RIC results in strategic and tactical asset allocation recommendations that are more locally targeted depending on where investors are based.

  • Finally, the client-facing investment team has the responsibility for formulating and implementing a client-specific strategy, crafting out global best thinking into a portfolio that meets your unique risk, return and liquidity objectives.

To implement an appropriate strategy for each client, investment teams dedicate time to fully understand the client’s current financial position, invested assets and short and long-term goals. The relative importance of return, safety and liquidity, among other variables, are crucial at this stage of the investment planning process.

Once investment goals have been clearly defined, the next step is to determine which instruments can be best used to achieve them – selecting high quality products across asset classes

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Last Update: 25.2.2016
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