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Hedge Funds

Clients will receive comprehensive reporting regarding the positioning and performance of their investment portfolios, but decision making responsibility will lie with Deutsche Bank Wealth Management. Hedge funds offer an important source of diversification and potential return-enhancement for portfolios.

Our Hedge Fund team, comprised of 30 professionals with years of research, portfolio management, and investor experience, leverages the resources of Deutsche Bank to provide hedge fund solutions that meet the needs and objectives of our clients globally. This team adopts a systematic approach to idea sourcing, due diligence, manager selection, portfolio construction and monitoring.

The Hedge Fund team provides expertise on an array of different structures and offers clients access to approximately 150 leading hedge fund products. Our “open architecture” platform empowers the Hedge Fund team to select the best managers from within Deutsche Bank as well as the external universe.

Our Managed Account platform offers a unique opportunity to invest in funds with the most prestigious managers within an environment controlled by Deutsche Bank's Global Markets division.

The services described are provided by Deutsche Bank AG or by its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in accordance with appropriate local legislation and regulation. Certain products and services may not be available in all locations or to all Deutsche Bank Wealth Management clients.
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